Future of mobility in Eindhoven

Are you forward thinking and ever wondered what the future of mobility and transportation will look like in Eindhoven in the next 10-15-20 years?

Join the HERE Future of Mobility Hackathon and kickstart the next generation of smart city applications for Eindhoven. You will analyze existing geospatial data from the city of Eindhoven and HERE and imagine a wide range of use cases around multi-modal travel, green energy and traffic flow. Work in diverse teams (programming, design, marketing, …) and bring your ideas to life using the HERE APIs. Turn Eindhoven into the smartest city in the Benelux.

The best Future of Mobility projects will be awarded with an iPad, drone or 360° camera.

Available data:

  • HERE Sample Data (map data and 3D landmarks)
  • City of Eindhoven (exclusive tracking, traffic and bike data e.g.)

Available HERE APIs and SDKs:

  • More than 20 APIs including Map Tiles, Geocoder, Intermodal Routing, Weather and Tracking

Kick off on Monday June 3rd, 8AM – wrap-up on Tuesday June 4th, 5.30 PM @ HERE Technologies office Eindhoven

Pitches and award ceremony on June 4th, 6PM - Your Future Festival @ Campus Eindhoven University of Technology

Free participation – bring your own laptop – wifi, lunch and drinks provided by HERE

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