HERE Networking Breakfast

Whether you're providing accurate ETAs for your fleet, navigating safer drives for your customers, tracking shipments, or providing the most convenient journeys across town, location technology gives you the insights needed to improve operations, meet, and exceed customer expectations and stay ahead of the competition.

With location, now we can manage the flow of goods and people, build safer and more sustainable roads and drive into the future. Join us at the HERE Technologies Networking Breakfast as we bring together our trusted partners, industry experts and business users of Location Technology.

  • Learn how HERE is transforming connected driving, transport & logistics, supply chain and infrastructure markets.
  • Discover how location can solve your business problems through innovations.
  • And connect with peers and like-minded location professionals.
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Date: 12th May

Arrive: 730am AEST for Registration

Start: 8am AEST

Where: The Templeton Room, Tattersalls Club, 215 Queen Street, Brisbane City

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12th May, 2022
8am AEST
Templeton Room, Tattersalls Club
215 Queen St, Brisbane City

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