Analyze, explore and improve carbon footprint with models based on real-world behaviour with CO2 Insights

Are you looking for transparency into your carbon and environmental impact on your logistics?  Are you looking to make informed purchasing and investment decisions on your fleet transformation taking into account your fleets environmental impact?

We would like to introduce you to CO2 Insights, developed by our esteemed partner Migros. CO2 Insights calculates emissions based on real-world modeling of individual vehicles and drive train types, rather than simple average values. 

Benefits of this solution, include but are not limited to:
  • Accurate modeling based on detailed analysis of different vehicles types
  • Mileage based on real-world truck routes driven, not estimated distance
  • Calculations take topography (altitude and grade) into account
  • Historical reports based on date range, vehicle type, etc. 
Allowing your fleet to:
  • Review the total carbon impact of a given tour (via DIN and ISO measures)
  • Compare estimated impact to reported vehicle telematics data
  • Provide transparency into the environmental impact of your operations
  • Evaluate new purchasing and investment decisions

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Christoph Herzig, Director Product Management, HERE Technologies
Thomas Wunderli, CDO Traffic and Security, Migros

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