HERE Solutions Day 2021

HERE Solutions Day — Movement of Goods & People

Join us at our virtual Solutions Day on June 23rd as we discuss all things transport and logistics. With location, now we can get unprecedented visibility of shipments and assets to keep yards, warehouses and goods moving efficiently. Location helps plan the best routes, avoid hazards, and improve driver performance and safety, powering safer and more efficient delivery from the first to last mile.

At HERE, we understand your time is valuable, we understand the many demands placed on it, and most importantly we understand the need for you to see tangible benefits from the events you attend. Our Solutions Days are designed around these three key principles, providing you with an experience that allows you to:

  • Find out how location data and technology can solve your challenges and unlock new possibilities
  • Hear critical case studies from partners and customers on the benefits afforded by location technology
  • Benefit from on-demand sessions giving you the flexibility to visit — and revisit — content at a time that suits you best

Join us and learn more about how you can achieve tangible benefits with location technology from HERE.

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23 June 2021
10:10 – 16:10 SGT

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