Webinar: Location data strategies to improve customer experiences

Accurate, contextual location data is essential to providing customers with a compelling marketing experience. Knowing where your customers are, how to reach them and understanding their needs in those moments can be the difference between campaign success and failure.

Have a listen to HERE location marketing experts Hervé Utheza and Jason Bettinger, along with Cami Zimmer (EVP Business & Marketing at Glympse), as they explain how to leverage location insights to create a more engaging customer experience. Learn how location technologies bring together the geometry of the world and the movements of consumers in order to to improve the consumer journey at each touchpoint of the shopping experience – from the first time they see the personalized promotion to the actual delivery of their purchase.

View this webinar and learn:

  • How to innovate around location insights to create personalized experiences.
  • How location technologies help to refine segmentation, reduce waste and improve campaign ROI
  • Strategies to increase customer engagement by analyzing consumer behavior in combination with online experiences and offline data.
  • How HERE Technologies helps Glympse to improve last-mile effectiveness

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