How APIs from HERE help deliver harmonized urban mobility

Commuters and city travelers want to discover, plan and book the fastest, cheapest and most convenient way to get to their destinations.

At the same time, private and public transport organizations want to seize the opportunity to delight users with a range of services that help mitigate disruption and get people from A to B quickly and easily.

By reading this eBook, you’ll discover how APIs from HERE enable urban transport organizations to:

  • Help passengers get from A to B with multimodal and intermodal journey planning
  • Provide park & ride functionality to drivers
  • Expanding an operational zone with optimized fleet usage and intermodal trip planning
  • Provide users of ride-hailing services with public transport options

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White Paper:
Putting AI to Work for Audience Segmentation

Find out how location, combined with AI and machine learning, enhances advertising and marketing practices, including: media buying and planning, audience analysis and campaign performance, dynamic creative optimization, marketing automation, and more.

Read the white paper to discover:

  • Location data's importance in AI-driven segmentation
  • Where AI and machine learning stand in media practices
  • Use cases for location data and AI in segmentation
  • How HERE location data can be layered into a whole range of advertising practices

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