Location Platforms Effectiveness Index

With increasing urbanization, on-demand services, and more, it is not surprising to learn that the power of location has been the key driver underneath them all. Location-centric solutions such as maps have been the enabling force for adding context to so many aspects of consumers' and companies' daily tasks.

Counterpoint Research's latest index gives you an overview of the key 15+ location platform players, reviews their offerings & business model alignments, and supports their findings with this evaluation scorecard.

Download this free index to learn more about:

  • The big data and analytics capabilities that have transformed map databases into more modular, intelligent platforms
  • Why the platform approach key players are utilizing will offer future generations richer, smarter advanced mapping and navigation services
  • How HERE is “leading on this front” with the Open Location Platform

To understand the location ecosystem, what constitutes a healthy location platform, its solutions and services, download your copy of the Location Platforms Effectiveness Index by completing this form.

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