See everything: Overcoming supply chain challenges with location intelligence from HERE

Automobile and heavy equipment manufacturers stand ready to overhaul their outbound supply chains by utilizing solutions that can provide an accurate, real-time view of the location of their assets in the chain.

By making use of the right technology, manufacturers can start a new wave of optimization and reinvent their supply chains with a superior service and reduced costs.

This ebook from HERE Technologies examines key supply chain challenges facing automobile and heavy equipment manufacturers and looks at how location intelligence - coupled with greater asset visibility through data use - can enable proactive decision-making and greater efficiency.

Download this ebook to:

  • Understand how software solutions from HERE helps overcome supply chain challenges with indoor and outdoor asset visibility
  • Learn how location intelligence from data can help establish real-time ETAs for assets moving through the supply chain
  • Find out how HERE utilizes existing infrastructure and a range of tracking methods to ensure fresh and accurate real-time location

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