HERE and VSI Quality Index Webinar

Learn how HERE Quality Index equips autonomous vehicles for better decision making

The biggest challenge the autonomous vehicle industry faces is the transition from partial to high automation. And even though the necessary technology is already in place, convincing the consumers to let go of the wheel will require focusing on safety most of all.
This is why we’ve developed the HERE Quality Index, a scoring technology that allows self-driving vehicles make judgment calls on reliability of the map data.

Join Matthew Preyss from HERE Technologies and his two guest speakers: Belle Walker, the HERE Quality Index expert, and Phil Magney from VSI Labs for this live session.

By attending this webinar, you will learn how the HERE Quality Index:
• Creates robust and trustworthy information using crowdsourced data
• Enables automated vehicle systems make informed and proactive decisions
• Informs HERE HD Live Map users when to engage or disengage with HAD systems

Wednesday, 14 November 2018
9.00 am San Francisco
12.00 am Detroit
6.00 pm Berlin
1 hour

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