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Road Data Redefined: An Introduction to Successful Pavement Collection

The task of finding a vendor that can collect high-quality pavement condition and asset inventory data within tight timelines poses a significant challenge for government agencies and organizations.

HERE Technologies and Pavemetrics have collaborated to tackle this issue head-on. This partnership brings together the leader in advanced sensor technology and a pioneer in mobile mapping to offer high-quality road condition data collection services.

Join us as we revolutionize the way road data is gathered and delivered. During the webinar, experts from HERE and Pavemetrics will focus on how this partnership integrates Laser Crack Measurement System 4M (LCMS-4M), the latest sensor technology for high-quality road condition data collection.

Key takeaways:

  • Understand the differences between the LCMS-2 and LCMS-4M
  • Learn about the benefits of our LCMS-4M sensor
  • Witness a demo of the road condition data we collected within the HERE/TeleqoTech pavement web viewer


  • Alan Yung, Sales Solution Architect, HERE Technologies
  • Nicole Preradovic, Senior Account Executive, HERE Technologies
  • Richard Fox-Ivey, Principal Consultant, Pavemetrics

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