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Art of Location: Large scale disaster prevention and mitigation

The strategy to overcome a disaster scenario is to mitigate or prevent them from occurring in the first place. Large public safety agencies at the national & international levels are the emergency release valve for tackling life saving activities.

Join us for a fireside chat on emergency preparedness and disaster mitigation for large scale public safety scenarios. The panel conversation will cover:

  • Overcoming the obstacles of disaster preparedness and mitigation
  • How to build a culture of preparedness and cross-agency collaboration
  • Technology that’s improving scenario planning

The conversation will include:

  • Rob Martin, Former Executive Director of the National Emergency Number Association (The 9-1-1 Association) and CEO of Suntech International USA
  • Todd Stout, Founder and President, FirstWatch
  • Mike Taigman, Improvement Guide, FirstWatch
  • Kris Kaull, Co-Founder of EMS1 and Chief Marketing Officer of Pulsara
  • Pratik Desai, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Public Sector, HERE (moderator)

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