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Join Christoph Herzig, Director Global Product Management as he unpacks the industry trends and challenges, providing great insights and highlighting how HERE Last Mile can upgrade your delivery experience into delivery excellence.

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From ADAS to HAD: Building trust in automation with location technology, Electronic Horizon and platform capabilities

Automated driving technology is advancing fast, but consumer trust lags behind. To ensure mass market adoption of driver assistance and driving automation across OEM fleets, consumer familiarity and confidence needs to increase.

In this free, hour-long Automotive World webinar, a panel of experts outline how a better understanding of a vehicle’s environment – and knowledge of changing road conditions that lie beyond the line of sight – leads to more confident and predictable decision-making processes for ADAS and Automated Driving systems.

Joining HERE speakers Andrei Iordache, Industry Solutions Manager, Connected and Automated Driving and Sheila Nedelcu, Director of Product Management, Highly Automated Driving, Dr Michael Reichel, Director of Product Management, Automated Driving, Elektrobit, Matthieu Bonnet, Lead Architect, Continental and Volkmar Knaup, Head of Product Segment eHorizon, Continental.

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In the meantime, discover how Rio’s transport fleet got a helping hand from HERE in this blog post during the 2016 Olympic games. 

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