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Maximizing 5G ROI through Geospatial and Data Insight Integration

Delivering on the promise of 5G is a common dilemma faced by mobile network operators and site location aggregators. Comprehensive insights, when combined with location intelligence, are critical for optimal planning and decision making — yet achieving this is no easy feat.

Groundbreaking work in 3D mapping, AI-driven analytics and visualization aggregate these critical data sources into an empowering 360-degree view. This enables improved investment prioritization, helping to better compete in the emerging 5G ecosystem.

Join HERE Technologies and Accenture to learn how a new purpose-built 5G network planning and design solution can drastically reduce deployment cost and accelerate time-to-service.

Discover how to:

  • Use deep market insights and location intelligence to develop a surgical service rollout plan that maximizes ROI
  • Systematically accelerate time-to-service via a remote desktop approach to network planning and design
  • Cost-effectively scale tower and cell site selection through the use of digital site surveys and geospatial location intelligence

Watch how the audience weighs in on various scenarios including:

  • When planning for mmWave bands and beamformed technologies, how does one identify the gaps in current data sets, planning and design tools?
  • Will post-pandemic rollout plans see a shift from mobile 5G to fixed wireless access?
  • How important is traffic, demography and points-of-interest information to your current site-selection process?

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