Data Cleansing Optimisation — Focusing in on the Critical Error

If you are receiving location data (a schedule or statement of asset values) are you checking that the locations provided are the actual locations of the asset?

Insurers are facing more volatility, complexity, and risk than ever before. How does data which is missing a precise and accurate address line get rolled up to a portfolio view?

Join us to see a viable alternative to current data cleansing providers, and learn how HERE Technologies can help remove the critical error before roll up.

What does your cleansing team look like at the moment?

  • Have they been building maps for +30 years and call themselves Cartographers?
  • Do they have their own industry leading maps — over 900 attributes, powered by millions of data sources?
  • Is their data living, dynamic and continuously updating? Covering not just roads but much more of the world in 3 dimensions?
  • What is the scale of the fallout data being processed and how are these critical errors dealt with?


  • Chris Young, Senior Sales Manager, HERE Technologies
  • Michael Watts, Director, Professional Services, HERE Technologies

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